Welcome to uClibc-ng - Embedded C library

What is it?

uClibc-ng is a small C library for developing embedded Linux systems. It is much smaller than the GNU C Library, but nearly all applications supported by glibc also work perfectly with uClibc-ng.

Porting applications from glibc to uClibc-ng typically involves just recompiling the source code. uClibc-ng supports shared libraries and threading. It currently runs on standard Linux and MMU-less (also known as uClinux) systems with support for Alpha, ARC, Blackfin, ARM, AVR32, CRIS, FR-V, H8/300, HPPA, i386, IA64, LM32, M68K/Coldfire, Metag, Microblaze, MIPS, MIPS64, NIOS2, OpenRISC, PowerPC, Sparc, SuperH, X86_64 and XTENSA processors. Alpha, FR-V, HPPA, IA64, LM32, Microblaze, NIOS2 and OpenRISC are experimental and need more testing.

Latest Release

*NEWS* 1.0.14 (Codename Chimay Tripel) released 18.04.2016 *NEWS*

GPG signature:

SHA256: 3c63d9f8c8b98b65fa5c4040d1c8ab1b36e99a16e1093810cedad51ac15c9a9e

Get older releases and other tarballs here:


Projects using uClibc-ng:
OpenWrt (just for ARC architecture)


Get the source via the following command: git clone git://

Or via HTTP (can be used with a proxy): git clone

For Git Web access you can use:

GIT is mirrored here:

If you want to discuss about uClibc-ng development, please subscribe to the following mailing list:

Or chat with us in #uclibc-ng @


uClibc-ng is a spin-off of uClibc (from Erik Andersen) from Our main goal is to provide regulary a stable and tested release to make embedded system developers happy.

C library Matrix


Thanks to following companies or people for hardware donations:

Arcturus Networks Inc. - Blackfin + Coldfire Development Boards
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. - Xilinx Kintex 7 FPGA KC705 incl. Daughterboard
Andes Technology Corporation - FPGA Development Board for NDS32


If you want to help the project with money to compensate costs for hosting and hardware, please use following link


Have fun!

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